About Moreton Hill

Philip and Ruth Paterson have been importing their quality engineered Irriland range of hard hose irrigators direct from Italy since 2000 and from small beginnings, the business has continued to grow.

They now are also pleased to also supply He-Va Cultivating Equipment, and Starpower Deisel Pumps, as well as providing a small quantity of second hand farm equipment for sale.

Buying direct from the Moreton Hill, the distributor, you will save money. Find out more about Moreton Hill products.

The Paterson family at Moreton Hill Investments Pty Ltd are able to offer something more than any other competitor – they use Irriland hard hose irrigators on their own farm, and therefore understand the needs of farmers from personal experience as farmers and irrigators.  They are always happy to provide hands on demonstrations.

Quality products are complimented with quality service, providing a seven day a week parts and back-up service. They know from experience when you have a breakdown, the last thing you need is to be waiting for parts to come from interstate or overseas.