About Moreton Hill Products

Tasmanian Distributor for Irriland Irrigators

Irriland Irrigators are high quality Italian produced irrigators distributed to all areas of Tasmania through Moreton HillIrriland Irrigators range in size from the small Sports Series, ideal for sports grounds and hobby farms to the large Superstar Series, for large farming production.

Australian Distributor for He-Va Cultivating Equipment

Moreton Hill is happy to supply He-Va Cultivating Equipment to all regions of Australia.  He-Va products are produced in Denmark, they focus on the design and construction of high quality machines which, with high-capacity

make the field work in modern agriculture more efficient.

For detailed product specifications on each product please visit the He-Va website, or contact Moreton Hill.

Tasmanian Distributor for Starpower Diesel Pumps

Based in Italy, Starpower design, develop, and manufacture a variety of motor pumps.  Moreton Hill are the Tasmanian distributors  for the Starpwer Diesel Pump.